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Ways to improve client communication

What is the key to effective client communication? How do you strike a balance between too much and too little? How do you keep it relevant?

In this electronic age we are inundated with information. Email, social media, newsletters, surveys and spam. There is often a fine line between what you might send to clients and what they may regard as spam.

The relationship with a client may be viewed as a continuous circle with a series of contact points. There is the initial enquiry for goods/services, the sale, the service delivery, payment for the service and post service engagement. In an ideal world, the process begins again with a new enquiry for goods/services.

each of these contact points represent an opportunity to ensure your communication with the individual client is bespoke and tailored to them. Understanding your client's business and their professional interests will contribute to tailoring your communication strategy.

There are numerous tools available that can assist with relationship management, both subscriber based (ie. and free (ie. Excel). There are also inexpensive options for ongoing interaction with your clients such as surveys and newsletters 9ie. Mailchimp and Survey Monkey).

At Alland Enterprises we will work with you to determine what communication strategy will work best for you and (more importantly) work best for your clients.

Whether it is implementing a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system, composing and sending a scheduled newsletter, arranging and facilitating client functions we will work with you to ensure you get the best return on your investment.

Why not contact Alland Enterprises today to see how we can assist with your communication strategy and achieve the best return for your effort?