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Effective Debt Recovery - Another Sales Opportunity

Are debtors using you as a bank?

Ensuring invoices are paid within agreed terms can have a significant impact on bottom line results. Conversely, clients delaying payment can have a catastrophic effect on cash flow and create a significant administrative load.

Most businesses spend a considerable amount of time and money on marketing and service delivery. Marketing budgets, sales staff wages and costs associated with delivering a product/service are core business costs. What of the cost of collecting payments once the product/service has been delivered?

Alland Enterprises has a proven formula that will improve debt recovery and retain desirable clients. In many instances the debt recovery process should not be left to accounts receivable employee that have a single outcome focus (ie. repayment of debt).

At Alland Enterprises we appreciate the importance any contact with a client represent and following up overdue payments is no exception. Maximising the value of any client interaction is core to the Alland Enterprises approach to Business Development and this also applies to debt recovery. Why not talk to us today about how we can add a business development element to your debt recovery process?