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10 ways to engage with your clients

The relationship with clients presents a number of "velcro moments". Are you making the most of opportunities to be front of mind when your client needs your services?

The following are just some of the ways you might be able to engage with your client and become more front of mind.

1. Initial enquiries - having a system in place where initial enquiries are processed quickly and effectively is critical. Whilst responses will be tailored to the individual there may be a place for templates to assist with the general content of the response.

2. Follow-up of initial enquiry - was the information provided relevant and what else can you do to progress the prospect to a possible sale?

3. Confirming scope of service - what have you been asked to deliver and what does the client really need? Perhaps they do want fries with that order.

4. Service delivery - when undertaking work we are presented with arguably the best opportunity to engage with a client. If your field personnel do not see themselves as part of your sales team you have a massive disconnect.

5. Post engagement - strike while the iron is hot and confirm your client was happy with the service/product delivered. If they weren't you have been presented with an opportunity to rectify the situation.

6. Overdue payment - rather than an accounts receivable function this is another opportunity to engage with your client in a meaningful way.

7. A satisfaction survey (by phone, face to face or email) is an effective way to determine the likelihood of future work.

8. "Thought you might be interested" - understanding a clients professional interests can lead to an opportunity to send relevant information.

9. Networking opportunity - perhaps you can assist your client's business. do you know who their customers are and can you facilitate an introduction?

10. Seminar/Sundowner/Lunch - it may help to arrange a presentation that is relevant to the client's industry however the social aspect of an "event" can present opportunities for future enagagement.

11. (BONUS): Relevant news - why not keep in contact with past clients and keep them informed of changes to your business? Mailchimp is a cost effective way of sending a newsletter.

The carnival is over - but the relationship continues. Past clients represent a very good source of future business and an effective CRM system will prompt you to keep in contact with prospective clients.

Why not call Alland Enterprises today and discuss how we can work with you to improve your interaction with prospective, current and past clients?